Are gaming desks worth it?

Are gaming desks worth it?

As you consider upgrading your current gaming setup, you have all sorts of equipment you must choose between - a new chair or a new monitor, a new mouse, or even a new game. Of course, one question you'll no doubt ask yourself at some point is, "are gaming desks worth it?".

These special desks are built specifically for gamers and promise to unlock an aesthetic and increased performance you won't get with a standard desk. But do you really need one of these? They can get pretty expensive. Is that money better spent on a different piece of your gaming setup?

You've got questions, and we've got the answers. Today, we're going to address this question and help you determine whether you should buy a new gaming desk or spend your hard-earned money elsewhere. We've got a lot to cover, so let's start by explaining what a gaming desk even is!

What Exactly Is A Gaming Desk?

So, before we address whether or not your gaming station even needs a gaming desk, what exactly are these? As you can easily surmise by the name alone, these desks are specifically built for gaming. They allow for greater comfort as you spend hours in the same position. They also allow for greater performance, as they're optimized to keep you focused and upright.

Unlike traditional desks, a gaming desk has a lot more surface space. This may rule them out for you if you have a smaller room you're trying to fit the desk in. But for most gamers, this extra space is a necessity. It makes it easy to fit multiple monitors or larger screens, along with your keyboard, mousepad, and of course, your computer itself.

They also usually have USB ports to allow you to plug in accessories easily, or charge your phone while you game. There are all sorts of other features gaming desks have that separate them from a standard desk - but we're going to save all the juicy details for our deep dive into whether or not gaming desks are worth it.

Whether you're looking for a typical desk, a standing desk, or even an l shaped desk, one thing is for sure- you should consider finding one specifically built for gamers. Here is why.

Are Gaming Desks Worth It Or Can You Use Any Type Of Desk?

Now, you recognize that gaming desks are built for gamers in particular. But that doesn't necessarily mean they're worth it. When you consider that a quality gaming desk can start at well over $500, this is a serious investment for most people.

As such, you need to consider whether it's worth it to you in particular before deciding to pull the trigger. Do you game enough to justify the investment? If you're a casual gamer who spends a few hours a week at your gaming station, you may be better off saving the money for something else.

But, if you game daily, you can start to recognize the value the gaming desk offers. And for those who earn their living gaming - either in tournaments or streaming - these investments are an absolute no-brainer. Here are a few reasons why:

Gaming Desks Come With Built-In Trackpads

One feature that the best gaming desk options usually come with is a built-in trackpad for your mouse. This may seem like a minor detail at first. After all, you can just buy a cheap trackpad and use any desk, right?

Well, when gaming, you want as much space as possible to navigate your mouse. You never know when you're going to get caught in an intense battle and will frantically move your mouse around to come out victorious. How frustrating is it when your mouse slides off your pad and you end up lost in a corner and lose a match because of it?

With a gaming desk, this won't happen. These come with custom microfiber surfaces and thick padding to allow for effortless sliding of your mouse across the entire surface - no restrictions at all! Not only does this protect your mouse from degradation or getting dirty.

But, it also elevates your performance. Gaming desks unlock infinite peripheral movements and enhanced gameplay with this feature alone. In our opinion, this alone makes a gaming desk a good investment!

You Can Adjust The Height On Some Gaming Desk Varieties

Not every gaming chair is the same height - and all us gamers vary in height ourselves. As such, you need a gaming desk that allows you to adjust the height. Otherwise, you'll potentially sit too low or too high.

When you spend hours sitting at your desk gaming, every detail matters. But, the position in which you're sitting matters the most in our opinion. That's why you need to make sure you find a desk that allows you to raise or lower it a bit.

Better yet - look for a standing desk that allows you to alter between sitting and standing to give your butt a break between matches! Finding a gaming standing desk isn't easy, but they're out there.

Easily Organize Your Cables For A Clean, Uncluttered Gaming Environment

Your gaming setup will have tons of different pieces of equipment - and thus, you'll have a bunch of different cables you need to organize. These can get really messy, really fast. The last thing you need while sitting down to game is a cluttered desk of cables distracting you.

This is yet another reason why a gaming desk is a great choice. They feature cable management raceways that help you organize that mess of cables and keep them out of sight, out of mind!

You can easily stow these excess cables in steel wire raceways underneath the desk. When you need to unplug and move something, you won't have to untangle a mess of cables either! Keeping a clean desk space is not something you should overlook - trust us.

Built-In USB Ports & Phone Charging Stations

These days, most desks come with a USB port or two. This allows you to charge your phone or maybe a pair of wireless earbuds while you work or game. But, something that sets the gaming desk apart from other desks is the number of USB ports it comes with. Most gaming desk varieties on the market have as many as three different charging ports!

Better yet? Some varieties have an actual wireless phone charging station - no cables required at all! Simply place your phone on the charging slot, and when you pick it up, it'll be fully charged. It's always within reach, unlike when you charge your phone in the corner by your bed. Whether you're using an iPhone, Android, you name it - these ports can get your phone to full battery in under 90 minutes!

Ergonomic Design For The Ultimate Comfortability & Poise

When you consider how many hours a day some people spend gaming, it stands to reason that you need a comfortable, ergonomic design. This is a tricky balance to strike, though. That's because the desk also has to be engineered to keep you focused and poised while you play.

With a gaming desk, you get smooth, rounded edges that allow you to sit as close as possible to the desk without your arms or legs getting sore. They also are large enough for even the biggest gamers to sit comfortably at them for hours without feeling cramped.

Durable, Long-Lasting Construction

Of course, if you're going to invest in a gaming desk you want to ensure it's built to last. The best of the best when it comes to gaming desks feature a dual support system capable of handling heavy loads. Some desks can support up to 240 pounds of desk weight! These desks with dual support won't wobble, either.

Any company that claims to offer the best gaming desk will stand behind their quality with a money-back guarantee. Some companies offer a lifetime warranty - these are the brands you should be shopping with.

Unlock A Stunning Aesthetic With Your Gaming Desk

The final reason we believe gaming desks are worth it is because of the aesthetic they'll help you produce in your space. We all love the LED lights wrapped around our room - that vibe is sensational. But what is even better is an LED illuminated gaming desk! These create an ambiance unlike anything else.

You can match your desk light to the lights in your room, or contrast colors to create a unique look to your room. Whatever the case, one thing is for sure - the people streaming your channel or entering your gaming chambers will be impressed!

Gaming Desks Are Only Worth It If You Find The Best Gaming Desks Possible!

Well, there you have it - all the reasons we believe a gaming desk is worth it for most people. But, as we said at the start: you have to consider how much you're going to use the desk to determine if it is really worth it for you or not. There is no right or wrong answer here, but if you can justify the investment, we know you'll agree with us after the fact!

We want to add one caveat here before we wrap up, though. A gaming desk is only worth it if you get the right one. These days, there are so many places you can buy gaming equipment online that it can be tough to find the right shop. You don't want to waste your money on any cheap, low-quality gaming equipment - especially your desk.

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