Best Gaming Desk Of The Year

Best Gaming Desk Of The Year

Are you looking to take your gaming to the next level? If so, you need the right setup - and it starts with the best gaming desk possible.

Desks are often seen as the least important part of a gaming setup. But they're just as essential as your PC and monitor. They're the foundation of your gaming setup and can make a difference in how you play.

Having a good setup is one of the main things that sets pros apart from the amateurs. You can't bring your A-game if your table is wobbly or if it's a few pounds away from giving in to the weight of all your gaming gear. You need a desk specifically built with a gamer's needs in mind.

That's why we created this guide. We're going to help you understand what exactly makes the best desk for gaming and what sets it apart from other ordinary desks. We'll even provide a list of some of the best desks for gaming currently on the market.

What Makes The Best Gaming Desk?

There are hundreds of desks to choose from when building or upgrading your setup. But not all desks are created equal. In choosing a quality desk for gaming, there are certain things you need to keep in mind.


It's important to choose a desk that's made from strong and sturdy materials. You don't want your gaming desk to wobble. You also need to know that it can carry the weight of all your gaming equipment. The best desks for gaming can hold multiple monitors, speakers, and even your gaming PC (if you don't want it on the floor). And let's face it - sometimes we slam our fists on our desk after a tough round. You want a desk that is built to withstand those occasional (or frequent) rages.

With all this said, stick with materials like steel, wood, or other metals. Some desks have a tempered glass top which is quite durable, but over time, you start seeing scratch marks from overuse. A gaming desk with a tempered glass top might look great at first. But the longer you use it, the less polished it gets.


Most desks for gaming only have two legs, which may not seem like enough support for an entire gaming setup. But this is actually by design. With just two legs, you have tons of space underneath to place your PC without it getting in the way of your legs and feet. And make no mistake - two legs provide all the support you need.

If you choose a quality gaming desk, such as one with metal legs, then you don't have to worry about them lacking support. Gaming desk legs that are made with metal are very sturdy and can offer tons of support. Some can even be adjusted to make the height more ergonomic. As such, you'll need to choose between a sitting or standing desk. A standing desk may sound fun, but they aren't that great for gaming. You want a dedicated gaming desk you can sit at.


When it comes to choosing a gaming desk, size matters. That's why we actually wrote a complete guide on sizing your gaming desk.

Choosing the right size mainly depends on how much gaming gear you have. Of course, the more gear you have, the more desk space you need. Desks for gaming come in all sizes, from as small as 40 inches to as big as 72 inches wide.

Choose a gaming desk that can fit all the gear you currently have but still has ample space for you to work on or add more items in the future. After all, you may want to use your gaming desk for work, too.


When we talk about weight, it isn't to refer to the weight of the desk itself. We're talking about the weight capacity. This speaks to how many pounds of weight the desk can support.

For a gaming desk to be considered strong, it has to be able to carry at least 100 pounds. That's just the weight of your setup. You have to keep in mind that you will also be leaning on the table, propping your feet up, and putting other possibly heavy materials on it. The ideal gaming desk weight capacity is over 200 pounds.


We included assembly in our criteria because there are some desks out there that are a complete hassle to assemble. While these are otherwise great, the frustration of trying to piece the desk together makes these a bad purchase. If you're paying good money for a desk it might as well be easy to assemble. Don't worry - our list of the best gaming desks includes those that are easy to assemble!


Let's face it. A gaming desk can be quite expensive compared to an average office desk. That's because it's usually made from better materials and has tons of features that you can't find on an ordinary desk. Trust us, though - gaming desks are worth it. If you buy a cheap gaming desk, you'll pay for it in terms of quality and durability. It also won't come with the features you want or need.

And, it's not impossible to find an affordable gaming desk, in fact, we include one in our list below.

Other Awesome Features

Other awesome features a gaming desk may come equipped with are:

  • USB ports for your mouse and keyboard
  • Full surface mouse pad for smooth mouse movement
  • Cable management system for keeping all your wires neat and orderly
  • LED lights for ambiance
  • Wireless phone charger
  • Controller stand
  • Headphone hook
  • Cupholder

It's the small touches like these that really make a gaming desk stand out from the average school or office desk.

The Best Gaming Desk Of The Year Reviewed:

Ready to take your gaming experience to the next level? With our criteria in mind, here are our reviews of the four best gaming desks of the year:

Best Budget-Friendly: The Decagon Gaming Desks

Tight on cash? No worries. The Decagon Gaming Desk is an incredibly sturdy and functional gaming desk that comes with an affordable price tag. This gaming desk is a great starting point for casual and newbie gamers looking for a reliable desk to complete their gaming setup.

For less than $200, you can get this sleek 48-inch wide gaming desk. It even comes with dual-support steel legs for increased stability while gaming. Although 48 inches might not sound like a lot, it is plenty for most amateur gamers. You can fit one large gaming monitor or two small ones and still have extra space for your other gaming essentials.

And, you can keep your cables and wires tidy with the steel wire tray provided for easy cable management. It even comes with an extra-large mouse mat that covers the entire desk surface so you can easily achieve greater mouse precision. No limitations that a typical mousepad would force upon you!

Plus, it's incredibly easy to assemble and comes in five different colorways—red, blue, green, purple, and the classic all-black. Each color also features its own unique printed design.

Best For Ambiance: The Autodromo Gaming Desks

If you're the type of gamer who finds aesthetics just as important as functionality, then you'll love the Autodromo Gaming Desk. It features high-quality LED ambient lighting all around the perimeter of the desk. Choose between red, blue, green, and purple, and watch your gaming setup come to life.

The Autodromo is extra large. At 64-inches wide, you can fit up to three monitors on this desk. You don't have to worry about weight capacity either. Its dual support stability system and steel mainframe are durable enough to carry up to 300 pounds of weight—without any wobble.

For easy cable routing and management, the desk provides a cable hole cut out and two cable management trays that can carry up to 20 pounds each of wiring, adapters, and other power supply accessories. It also features a full-sized mouse pad that fits perfectly onto the surface of the desk, a built-in wireless phone charger, a titanium headphone mount, and three USB ports.

Best Overall: The Infinity Gaming Desks

If you're looking for a stable, durable desk that has an incredible list of features you won't find anywhere else, look no further than the Infinity lineup. Although it only comes in one color—all-black—you'll find that its sleek design can fit into any setup.

The Infinity Gaming Desk is one of the biggest in the industry at a whopping 6-feet wide. That is more than enough room for multiple monitors, a keyboard, speakers, a console, a laptop, and other gaming accessories. You'll likely never run out of space. If you do, it's probably time to assess what you're putting on your desk!

This beast of a desk doesn't only impress in terms of size. It has sophisticated features like a full-surface infinity mousepad. It also boasts a stealthy wireless phone charging platform along with a power strip with USB ports strategically placed on the underside of the desk. It even comes equipped with cable pass-throughs and trays to keep your game setup organized.

The Infinity is a bit pricier than the rest of the desks on this list. But it's definitely going to be worth it. With this much desk space and features, it's sure to be the last desk you'll ever buy.

Best Mid-Range: The Stazzione Gaming Desks

If you're looking for a desk that combines function, reliability, affordability, and stability, the Stazzione Gaming Desk is for you. This is a great mid-range alternative similar to the Infinity gaming desk. It is only 9-inches shorter than the Infinity Gaming Desk. And, it's built with the same strong steel material that provides the durability and sturdiness you need.

Although it doesn't have quite as many features as the Infinity desk, it still has the essentials. This includes the full-surface mousepad, a platform for wireless phone charging, and some USB ports. And because it is a bit smaller than the Infinity, it's also a bit lighter. This makes it easier to assemble. Not to mention the Stazzione comes in four different colors. You'll find a perfect match for your room!

Final Thoughts On The Best Gaming Desks Of The Year

There are several reasons to get yourself the best desk for gaming that you can afford. Aside from looking stunning, it can also enhance your gameplay. These desks we've just unveiled were built with gamers like you in mind.

You've got large desk spaces to fit all your gaming gear, full-surface mousepads for quick and precise mouse movements, cable desk cutouts and organizers to prevent anything from getting snagged and damaged, extra USB ports, and power strips for your convenience, and so much more!

Whether you're a pro gamer or an amateur, you'll definitely find a gaming desk that'll fit your wants and needs. And the best part? All four of these awesome desks are available at Turismo Racing!

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