Gaming Desk vs Regular Desk: Which Is Right For You?

So you're getting ready to upgrade your office environment or gaming setup with a new desk. There are two main styles out there: gaming desks and regular desks. Which of these is right for you, though?

The answer may seem pretty simple depending on what you're going to use the desk for. If you only use the desk for work, you'll probably want an office desk. And if you're only going to use the desk for gaming, you'll want a gaming desk. Simple enough, right?

Not quite - the gaming desk vs regular desk debate is a bit more convoluted than it appears. Even if you only use your desk for work, gaming desks do offer some features a regular desk won't. And, if you're looking for a desk you can use for both work and play, then which of these is the right choice?

When you consider the cost of desks, it's obviously important that you get this decision right. You want to get the most bang for your buck. That's why today, we're going to unpack this gaming desk vs regular desk debate in-depth for you.

We'll explain the key differences among these two types of desks, and help you make the right decision. Then, we'll even explain where you can start your shopping journey at the very end. Let's start with a quick breakdown of each type of desk.

What Is A Gaming Desk?

A gaming desk is exactly what it sounds like. This type of desk is designed with serious gamers in mind. Whether you're a PC gamer or a console gamer, these desks are engineered to enhance your playing experience. They are typically larger than regular office desks. This allows you to fit all your gaming equipment and still have ample room for additional supplies, drinks, snacks, and more.

But, the advantages a gaming desk offers aren't just limited to size. These come with incredible features every gamer needs to know of. And, they offer an ambiance unlike anything else. Whether you're a pro gamer or just someone who enjoys playing with friends after work or on the weekends - you're going to want to learn more about these. First, though, let's talk about regular office desks.

What Is A Regular Desk?

A regular desk, on the other hand, is a bit more subtle and bare bones. They are designed for the working professional. They come in a variety of shapes and styles, like the L-shaped desk or the standing desk. You may not enjoy as many features as you would with a gaming desk, but these will definitely fit an office environment better. And, they are typically more affordable.

With all this said, you're still likely unsure whether the gaming desk or office desk is your best bet. So, let's compare and contrast these to help you gain a better understanding of which fits your needs.

Gaming Desk vs Regular Desk: What Are The Differences?

One of the most common questions we see surrounding the gaming desk vs regular desk debate is which one is better? Unfortunately, the answer isn't one size fits all. You'll have to consider you're unique preferences. To help you understand where each desk has an edge, we'll break down the main differences between them below.

Use Cases

The most obvious difference between gaming desks and office desks is the use cases for each. The names say it all - a gaming desk is used for gaming, and an office desk is used for working. You already know that. But, it's important to iterate that if you have a very specific use case in mind, this will be the biggest determining factor in which desk best fits your needs.

With that said, though, there are other factors that may influence you to pick one over the other. Because at the end of the day, you can use a regular desk for gaming. And, you can use a gaming desk for work. And if you plan to use the desk for both gaming and working, the answer will become even more complicated. So, let's take a look at the rest of the differences between gaming desks and regular desks.

Style & Aesthetics

One of the first things you'll notice when comparing gaming desks to regular desks is how different they look. The style and aesthetics vary greatly. And while you may not personally care about how your desk looks, most people do. If you have a certain aesthetic in your office environment or gaming room, you'll probably want a desk that matches the vibe.

For example, if your gaming station has a futuristic look with LED string lights hung around the room, you'll want a sleek, futuristic desk that matches. In fact, there are certain gaming desks that actually have LED lights built into them! You can sync up these lights with the rest of your lighting, and create an ambiance unlike anything you've seen before.

On the other hand, maybe you have a very mellow, low-key look in your room. You'll probably want a more toned-down, subtle desk to match. Most office desks will fit in here. But, there are also plenty of gaming desks that can match your vibe too.

Size & Shape

Another really important difference between gaming desks and office desks is the size and shape. We touched on this a bit earlier.

Most gaming desks are larger than the average office desk. This helps accommodate all your gaming equipment. You can easily fit multiple screens, your gaming consoles or gaming PC, speakers, lights, your keyboard and mouse, and still have additional desk space for cups and snacks. If you have the space for it, this is a huge advantage. But maybe you're limited on space - in this case, the extra size a gaming desk offers is actually a drawback.

The average office desk is smaller in terms of desk surface space. If you are just using this desk for work, you can still accommodate everything you need on these types of desks. And, standard office desks offer more variety in terms of shape. Standing desks are becoming more and more popular as working professionals realize the problems prolonged sitting creates.

With that said, you can pretty much find any size or shape desk in both categories. These days, you can even find an L-shaped gaming desk or standing gaming desk. But, this style is definitely more common among the standard office desk.


Because of how intense long gaming sessions can get, gamers want a desk that can withstand the occasional fist slam or over-the-top celebration. Many gaming desks come with dual support legs to prevent any sort of wobble, and stand up to the heavy use you may put them under.

Most regular desks are a bit flimsier, on the other hand. That doesn't mean you can't find strong, high-quality computer desks - you just might have to look a bit harder.

Storage Features

Both types of desks have ample storage features but in different ways. A regular desk will usually have storage cabinets or drawers built in. This helps office workers store their pens, paper, sticky notes, files, staplers, and all the other office supplies they have.

A gaming desk, on the other hand, has minimal storage. They have storage compartments built under the desk. This can help you store an extra controller or two. But, gaming desks come with a different type of storage feature that really sets them apart from regular work desks: cable storage.

Cable management features help you neatly organize all the different cables and cords you have on your desk. Depending on your gaming setup, there will be a lot - making this a huge advantage of gaming desks. You'll keep your cables neatly organized and out of sight. This allows for a clear mind and prevents a tangled, rat's nest mess of cables.


These days, desks come with some pretty cool technology features. Even a normal desk will have USB cables built into the desk to help you charge your phone, AirPods, and other devices. But, gaming desks take this a bit further. Many gaming desks come equipped with a phone charging station right on the desk surface. You can plop your phone down on the station and charge your phone without having to plug it in - how cool is that?

But the biggest piece of "technology" that a dedicated gaming desk offers that a regular desk doesn't? Built-in mousepads. Not just any mousepad, though - a full-width mousepad! This is a huge advantage for PC gaming in particular. Never worry about your mouse sliding off your mousepad and messing up your game again. You have unlimited peripheral movement, allowing for seamless gaming.


It will likely come as no surprise to you that a fully equipped gaming desk will cost more than the average office desk. This may lead you to ask, are gaming desks worth it? The answer to us is a resounding yes. Simply put, these offer more features than a regular old office desk. And, they're much larger. You get what you pay for - trust us.

Gaming Desk vs Regular Desk: The Verdict

We've covered most of the main differences between gaming desks and regular desks. By now, the choice is yours - you can compare the two styles following the breakdown above to make the right choice.

In summary: If you know you're only going to use the desk for video games, then the answer is pretty clear - stick with a gaming desk. These offer more desk space and features that gamers need for comfortable, efficient gaming sessions. If you only want to use your desk for work, the regular office desk might be the right choice. These are typically more barebones, and may fit your aesthetic and needs better.

But if you plan on using your desk for both work and gaming, we recommend going with a gaming desk. These do everything an office desk does and then some. It's true - you can use a gaming desk for work. They are the right choice for most people, in our opinion. If you want to learn more about what makes gaming desks special, read our blog post: are gaming desks worth it?

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