How Big Should A Gaming Desk Be?

how big should a gaming desk be

Planning to buy a new gaming desk? Whether it is your first or you are upgrading, this is one of the most essential pieces of furniture in a gaming setup, especially if you're a PC gamer. Choosing the right desk can help prevent headaches and poor posture. It can also enhance your gaming experience and performance.

How you position your desk, the equipment on your desk, and the size of your desk can make the biggest difference in your health and how you play your games. That is why, when you're shopping for a gaming computer desk, one of your main questions is: how big should a gaming desk be?

In this guide, we'll help you size your desk. We also will provide advice on other factors to consider when choosing a desk, such as shape, weight, and functionality. Let's start by explaining the different dimensions and why taking these details into account is crucial in building the best gaming setup.

Understanding Gaming Desk Dimensions

Whether you're buying a computer gaming desk or building your own, you need to know the different gaming desk dimensions. This will help you understand just how big your gaming desk should be.


Depth is how far the front edge of your gaming desk is from the back. An average gaming setup can take up around two or three feet of desk depth. It is a critical aspect of sizing your desk because it can affect your vision and your posture.

To maintain healthy vision and prevent poor posture, the minimum depth of a gaming desk should be around 24 inches. Why? According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, your monitor should be at least 20 inches away from your eyes. Anything less than 20 inches can damage your eyesight.

If you have multiple monitors or a wide-screen monitor, then you might need more than just 24 inches of desk depth. The larger your monitor setup gets, the more you'd have to push it back to get a clearer vision of your monitor/s.

If you're using a gaming laptop rather than a desktop, then you'll find that 24 inches of desk depth is more than enough space for you to game. You can even push it back a bit, and you'll have tons of room to write or read.


The width of a gaming desk is the space between the two sides of the desk from right to left or vice versa. In L-shaped desks, you measure the width a bit differently. Get the total length from one end of the gaming desk to the center point and from the center point to the other end of the gaming desk.

The common widths offered for gaming desks are 48, 60, and 72 inches. Your gaming desk width should be based on the number of monitors you plan to have. You also should consider the size of your monitor(s) along with how much extra space you want beside your monitors. A regular monitor is around 24 inches wide, for reference.

Planning to get the full three-monitor setup? You'll easily take up a 72-inch computer desk. If you still want more desk space at the side of your monitor—for speakers, gaming controllers, or other gaming gear you might need on your desk—then you might want to go for a 90-inch desk, especially if you're using a side-by-side monitor setup.

A side-by-side monitor setup takes up more space since the monitors are all aligned in one straight line. A peripheral monitor set up, on the other hand, has one monitor in the center that is straight and two side monitors slightly angled towards you. This setup requires less space than a side-by-side monitor setup, so you can use a shorter desk.


The height of your desk is probably one of the most important dimensions to consider. This is especially true if you're planning to get a standing desk. Most gaming desks have a starting height of 29 to 30 inches.

You will know if you got the ideal gaming desk height if your eyes naturally meet the top of your computer screen without having to tilt your head down or up too much that it causes your neck to cramp.

Your arms should be able to comfortably drop to the sides. Wrists should be straight as you type, and your hands should be aligned or slightly below your elbow level.

With a standard desk, you can easily adjust your chair to meet the right height. You can even add a footrest so that your feet are laid flat on the surface if the chair is too high. But with standing desks, it's not that simple. That is unless you get an adjustable one that can switch from standing to sitting.

So, How Big Should A Gaming Desk Be? 

If you want the best gaming desk for you, then you should consider your needs and the type of setup you want to have.

When choosing the depth and width of your gaming desk, think about how many monitors you have, the size of your monitors, and how much extra desk space you'll need for your other gaming equipment.

When it comes to height, the standard desk is 29 to 30 inches or around 2 feet in height. You can easily adjust to the height of your desk by adjusting your chair. But if you're planning to get a standing desk, you'll want to opt for an adjustable one or just find one that fits your height.

Or, maybe you want to use your gaming desk for work. If so, you'll need to fit a printer, file organizers, and other office supplies on the surface as well.

Other Factors To Consider When Choosing A Desk For Gaming

Once you've figured out how big your desk should be, it'll be easier for you to narrow down your options. When choosing a desk for gaming, you shouldn't just stop at desk size. You should also consider desk shape, weight, and other gaming desk features. We'll be going through each factor so you can find the absolute best gaming desk for you.


Desks come in all sizes and shapes. There are rectangular desks, L-shaped desks, and even curved desks. A rectangular or straight gaming desk is the most classic shape you'll find. These have the most size variations and are also the most versatile. If you can't find an L-shaped desk in the size that you want you can take two rectangular desks and create your own custom L-shaped desk.

L-shaped desks are also known as corner desks. Their L-shape allows them to be easily nestled into any corner of the room. They also make great space savers, allowing you to maximize as much desk surface as you can even when you only have little room space available. They're better for multitasking, so you can work and play at the same time.

There are many different types of curved desks. Some desks are fully curved, creating a C or a U-shape that almost saves as much space as L-shaped desks. And then there are desks with curved edges. These are rectangular, but they have a curved edge at the front, allowing you to scoot closer to your monitor without leaning forward and compromising your posture.

Weight Capacity

Weight capacity doesn't refer to how heavy the desk is. Instead, how much weight the gaming desk can carry. But in case you were curious, the average gaming desk weighs more than 40 pounds, and the real sturdy ones can get as heavy as 100 pounds.

A gaming desk should be able to carry at least 100 pounds of weight. That's about the average weight of a gaming setup with just one monitor. But ideally, you should choose a gaming desk that can carry 300 pounds or more. That's enough for multiple monitors, speakers, and even your PC.

Extra Features

A good gaming desk should not only come in the right size and shape, but it should also be functional. Smart desks are becoming incredibly popular these days, and it's clear to see why. Why buy an ordinary desk when you can get one that has USB ports, LED lights, cable management systems, wireless charging platforms, and so on? Stuff like this is what makes a gaming desk worth it.

Now that you know what to look for in a gaming desk, all that's left for you to do is get shopping. Luckily, we know just the place to get some of the best desks for gaming online - at fair prices.

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