What Makes A Good Gaming Desk?

You've decided to upgrade your setup or invest in your very first gaming desk. How exciting! But, you want to make sure you get it right. Gaming desks can get pretty expensive. In order to stretch your budget as far as possible and make sure you get the best gaming desk possible, you have to first ask - what exactly makes a good gaming desk?

There are so many different gaming desks out there these days. Each manufacturer claims to have the best. But how can you tell which of these are really worth it, and which are going to leave you disappointed?

Don't worry. Today, we're going to address this question and explain what exactly makes a good gaming desk. We'll explain all the different criteria you should set out with before purchasing your own desk. By the end of this article, you'll feel confident and ready to start shopping!

What Makes A "Gaming Desk" Different From Normal Desks?

First and foremost, what is a gaming desk? Are these any different from traditional desks? In 2022, there are all sorts of different types of desks out there. You've got standing desks, the L-shaped desk, wooden office desks, and of course - the gaming desk. Before we get into what makes good gaming desks in our book, we want to explain how these desks are different from normal desks.

As you can probably surmise, these desks are built specifically for gaming. A dedicated gaming desk is typically larger than other styles. This helps you accommodate your entire gaming setup. These types of desks also have cool features that gamers will love like full-surface mousepads, built-in charging stations, cable management integrations, and more. Some of these even light up - to help you match the ambiance of your gaming setup.

The honest reality is that any desk can be used for gaming. And, a gaming desk can be used for studying, working, and other tasks aside from gaming. But if you're a diehard gamer, why not invest in a setup that allows you to game more comfortably and efficiently?

That's the advantage gaming desks have over traditional desks. They enhance your gaming experience. To learn more about whether or not gaming desks are worth it, take a look at our breakdown. So, without any further ado, let's get into our list of the things that we believe make a good gaming desk.

What Exactly Makes A Good Gaming Desk?

If you ask different gamers what the most important features or aspects of a gaming desk are to them, you may get different answers. To some gamers, size matters most. To others, it's the technology enhancements that set their gaming desk apart. The point is, there is going to be some degree of personal preference when asking the question - what makes a good gaming desk?

So, we're going to cover all the different factors you should consider in your own journey. Pick and choose the ones that matter most to you, and shop with those criteria in mind. We're going to get the ball rolling with one of the most important aspects of any gaming desk: size.

Ample Size

It should go without saying that the best gaming desks are big enough to support your entire gaming setup. whether you're looking for a gaming computer desk or a gaming console desk, you need to be able to fit quite a few pieces of equipment:

  • Multiple monitors or small TV screen
  • Keyboard and mouse
  • Gaming system (console or gaming PC)

Those are the big three. But, you will also want ample space for all your gaming accessories, such as controller chargers, speakers, a lamp, and anything else you keep on your desk. You'll also want room for snacks, drinks, and other items. With all this said, it stands to reason that you need a gaming desk with ample desk space. But how much space do you need?

How much space you need will depend on how much stuff you need to fit on your desk. To stay on the safe side, make sure your desk is at least 64" wide by 34" deep. This equates to around 5' x 3' (15 square feet), which gives you all the real estate you need to game comfortably. You should also consider the height of your desk. If you're on the taller side, this becomes even more important. Look for a desk that's at least 30" tall. And, if you really have the space to justify it, you may want to look into L-shaped gaming desks. To learn more about how big a gaming desk should be, take a look at our guide.

Desk Adjustability

A standing desk is great for working, but most gamers prefer to sit while they game. Nevertheless, you may want to consider looking for a desk that can be raised or lowered with ease. If you plan on using this desk for work and play, this adjustability is a huge asset. If you spend hours upon hours sitting, you'll end up sore. Alternating between sitting and standing helps you stay fresh and focused, while keeping your hips, back, and knees from getting tight.

Storage & Organization Features

With all the equipment and technology you'll have on your gaming desk, it is really important to keep things clutter-free. This isn't easy - you've got cables from your monitors, your speakers, your console or PC, and even your keyboard & mouse. But with the best gaming desk, you won't have to worry about all this cable clutter. That's because good gaming desks come with cable management storage and other forms of organization!

Cable management features help you neatly organize all your different cables and keep them out of sight, out of mind. This not only helps you save space on your desk. It creates a clear mind, undistracted from all the chaos of tangled cables.

But that's not all - many gaming desks also have storage trays underneath the desk to help you keep your items out of the way when not in use. You can use these to store remotes or extra controllers, all your games and discs, and other stuff that would otherwise take up space.

Don't overlook the importance of an organized desk - not only will it help you take advantage of all that space, but it will keep your mind clear!

USB Ports & Charging Stations

You probably have no shortage of outlets in your room. But wouldn't it be nice to be able to charge your phone and other gaming accessories right from your desk? With the right gaming desk, you can! Many of the best gaming desks feature multiple USB ports on the side of the desk. You can charge your phone, AirPods, extra controllers, and all sorts of other devices without having to get out of your seat! And when you want to unplug them or use them, they're within arms reach.

That's not all, though. Some types of gaming computer desks take things even a step further. They have a built-in charging station right on the desk surface. You can set your phone on this surface and get it to a full charge - without having to plug anything in! How cool is that? Keep in mind, this feature is only available on the best desks. Standard gaming desks won't offer this.

Built-In Mousepads (Full-Surface)

If you're into PC gaming, then you know how frustrating it can be when your mouse slides off your mousepad. It can ruin your game. That's why the best gaming desk, in our opinion, is one that features a built-in, full surface mousepad. Yes, you heard right - a mousepad built right into the surface of the desk!

Certain gamer desks have a custom microfiber surface that allows for seamless movement of your mouse across the entire desk. No need for a mousepad, and no more interrupting your movement as you slide off it. This allows for efficient, comfortable gaming - and the best part is that your mouse won't get worn down or dirty over time. These mousepads are water-resistant and stretch the entire width of the desk surface, so you can enjoy infinite peripheral movements and enhanced gameplay.

In our book, this is the most important feature to look for in a gaming desk. Once you've tried it, you'll never want to go back - trust us!

Dual Support Legs

With all that stuff you're going to cram onto your desk, you don't just need enough space - you need enough support to ensure your desk won't collapse on itself. With a great gaming desk that has strong, dual support legs - this isn't a concern. The best ergonomic desk is capable of supporting at least 240 pounds of desk weight with ease.

But, these dual support legs don't just allow for peace of mind. They also prevent any sort of wobble. The last thing you want is your screen shaking when things start to get a little intense. A standard desk might wobble every now and then, while a quality gaming computer desk will not.

Ambiance & Design

We've talked a lot about technological features, but we haven't discussed is how the gaming desk actually looks. The design and ambiance a gaming computer desk offers should be a crucial consideration before you buy. After all, you want your whole gaming setup to look cohesive - from your gaming PC to your LED lighting.

These days, there are so many different styles and designs you can find in a computer desk. Some of these have cool designs built right into them - while others are plain, subtle black. But, there are even some desks that have built-in LED lighting! This creates an ambiance unlike anything you've ever experienced before and turns your gaming setup into something your friends will envy. You can set the mood with blue, red, green, or any other color lighting - right on your desk.


Unless you have a pro PC gamer contract, you're probably in the same boat as us and can't afford the most expensive desk out there. That's why to us, part of what makes a gaming desk good is its affordability.

We want to be really careful when discussing this point. The best gaming desk isn't going to be cheap. If you shop based on price, looking for the lowest cost possible, you're going to get a low-quality desk. It's that simple.

But, that doesn't mean you should break the bank getting a quality desk. There are plenty of awesome desks out there that cost less than $500, and will last years and years of reliable use.


Even affordable desks are going to cost you a pretty penny - if it's the best gaming desk you're after. That's why it's imperative that you seek out a gaming desk that comes with a good warranty. This will ensure your investment is protected for years to come. Warranties vary from manufacturer to manufacturer but look for at least a 5-year extended warranty. It's worth it for the peace of mind alone - trust us.

Who Makes Good Gaming Desks That Meet The Criteria Above?

Well, there you have it - that's what makes a good gaming desk in our book. While you may have your own set of preferences, the criteria above offer a great set of guidelines if you aren't exactly sure what you want. At this point, all that's left to do is get shopping for the desk that fits your needs!

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